ARE WE MAD? (100)- Salu Ayoola Are we mad (Willing Tools; The Dusk era) 106- Salu Ayoola

Are we mad (Willing Tools; The Dusk era) 106- Salu Ayoola

From Port Harcourt to Potiskum,from Calabar to Birnin Kebbi the problem of the common man is the same.Water,light,food and housing.

Poverty has made the common man to be tools in the hands of the agents of manipulation. They gave us guns to kill our fellow brothers so that they can rob us blind without challenging them.

I have been wondering how the herdsmen,boko haram etc managed to acquire assault rifles that even our armed forces cannot afford.

Constant supply of bullets that over shadowed our security agents yet we have bothers.
Everyday we talk about christian or Muslim,Yoruba,hausa,Fulani,Ibo,ijaw,itshekiri or Ogoni.

If we want to win souls why not start from the pagans?
After the dusk comes darkness and after the darkness comes the dawn.

The dawn heralds sunlight. Our nation is at the verge of dawn, I pray we don’t enter darkness
When are we going to stop this babanla nonsense in the name of politics?

This time last year the grammar was restructuring and suddenly the record is cracked
When will the heads of various security agencies be responsible for their actions or inaction? When will ministers be ministers? When will governors be governors? When will the various assembly be legislators? When we the governed wake up and stop selling the futures of their generations yet unborn? When will our beloved nation stopped crying? When will our nation nation stopped weeping?

This can only happen when we stopped being willing tools in the hands of agents of devilish manipulations, when we stopped being hailers and wailers, when we demand good governance as our rights and not privileges. It is then we shall weep no more

When stealing is stealing,corruption is corruption and the society abhors criminality. I refused to believe that our situation is irredeemable. I am seeing the dawn after the dusk.

Whoever uses his money to buy guns for us to kill ourselves shall not know peace,his children shall not know peace, happiness shall depart from his household, if the day is good for the the night shall bring him sorrow,anarchy shall never depart from his domain.
Our dusk shall bring us our dawn and our sunshine

I am not APC or PDP but I desire the best for Nigeria
-Salu Ayoola ph