Our country being ruled by Araba by Salu Ayoola (Are we mad

ARE WE MAD?(123)-Salu Ayoola


Power is defined as possession of qualities required to do something or get something done; The Ability to influence events, authority. Power can be physical (strength), political and so on
Political power is power devolved by the electorate to politicians. The electorate through voting gave (delegate) their political powers to politicians.

Following this premise, ultimate power resides with the electorate but the reverse is the case in Nigeria.

Our politicians wield the power as if it belongs to them, never accountable to the electorate. The Nigerian electorate out of ignorance became Esau to Jacob, because we sell our birth power for peanuts (stomach infrastructure) by collecting rice, beans, money etc. to vote, rig and worship the demi gods forgetting that the actual power resides with them.

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The politicians bestride Nigeria as Colossus. Nigerian electorate are not masters of their fates, the fault is not in our stars but in ourselves that we can’t stand for our rights.

We cannot demand accountability and good governance but have to beg for social amenities and when they give us a little we line the roads and praise them because of the proverbial bowl of porridge.

They use our power against us just like one of them in the ancient city of Ibadan reminded us that he is the constituted authority. Our power have corrupted them absolutely and we can’t challenge them

They allocate security votes which is an illegality to themselves to spend as they wish and are not accountable to us despite the fact that all security agencies have been taken care of in the budget
Poverty made us to collect as low as N3000 to sell our votes, are we sane? In saner developed nations citizens don’t sell votes or collect wrappers and that is the difference.

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Ultimate power makes them ask questions and demand accountability from their leaders. They are aware of the power they wield

The common wealth of nation is being squandered while we go hungry and kill ourselves for ethnicity and religion from the guns they give us.

They blow sirens to run us out of the roads. Nothing is working in our system yet we kill and abuse ourselves on social media because of them!!!!!!!
Are we beyond redemption????????
I am not APC or PDP but I desire the best for Nigeria
-Salu Ayoola PH