Our country being ruled by Araba by Salu Ayoola (Are we mad

Life Vanities Are We mad ?(131)- Salu Ayoola

The problem with us in Africa is vanity,yes vanity. We always think in terms of material gains and even when we have it we are never satisfied, We go on grabbing for more and more. The gulf between the rich and poor widens daily, the gully between the two deepens.

Honest professionals are never respected because they have no time for politics or for grabbing. Politicians governing us have no training whatsoever on the job.

They hold public offices steal our money instead of using it for everybody’s good, they cannot spend 1/3 of the money ,so they bank 2/3 overseas, the foreign countries use the money to develop their economies, hound our looters with money laundering later so that such money is interest free( why not reject the deposits in the first instance?)

Our stupid politicians go abroad for holidays, buy houses abroad, educate children abroad, fly foreign airlines, eat foreign food and when he is sick, seeks medical attention abroad thereby growing the economy of the nations abroad.

Even heard they go abroad to strategize how to govern us? Haba must we continue to be Esau nation?

He merely puts up a mansion in his country, virtually no investment and any investment is merely to further milk our oil and gas sector

I have been wondering why the doyen of real estate Donald Trump never imagined buying a plot in Africa or even John Major never visiting Obudu cattle ranch for holidays

When eventually the politician dies,the obituary reads “he died in a London hospital after a brief illness” .

Maybe one day George Bush obituary will read “he died in Abuja hospital after a brief illness”
I am not a politician but sometimes I can’t help thinking that part of our problem is that we are new to the art of governing ourselves but very experienced in stealing and corruption.

We are generals in stealing public funds, everything by our standard is judged in monetary terms, we lack prestige, honour and dignity and that is why off record we use 3.5million to feed a prisoner every month in a country where average monthly income is N30,000 why are we so backward?

Look at the Olympic games, you train for months or even years, you spend a lot of money all you have in the end is at best a gold medal which may even be made of gold if you are lucky yet the moment of honour is great.

So great that you cannot buy it with all your billions, so also are some names written proverbially in gold not because of the money they have but their contributions to humanity

After amassing all the billions and ruling what legacy(ies) are you leaving behind? Is it generational abuse? Are you going to be cast into historical dust bin? But know for certain that you are going to be remembered either for good or bad

I am not APC or PDP but I desire the best for Nigeria- THAT IS MY LEGACY
– salu ayoola ph