ARE WE MAD? (100)- Salu Ayoola

ARE WE MAD? (100)- Salu Ayoola

By Its nature, a revolution is neither a day’s business nor the job of a single generation of men. Revolutions do not always have to be bloody or cataclysmic.

They could be peaceful and continuous. In this sense, the total and compulsory education of our children, free of charge, from the primary school to the highest university degree can be said to be revolutionary if it is achieved within a short period.

In the same sense, the total and complete collectivization of our agricultural, industrial and professional businesses can be said to be revolutionary if achieved within a period. No doubt, all these can be achieved peacefully and without tears.

Providing always that the government of the federation can change hands through the use of ballot box, providing always that the interest of the governed is uppermost in the mind of the rulers, providing always that the national objectives set forth in our constitution are being faithfully pursued and observed, the way would always be paved for the peaceful continuity of our nation. ( WHY WE STRUCK)
Nothing sums it up more than the above
Welcome to my series this year
I am not APC or PDP I desire the best for Nigeria
– salu Ayoola PH

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