The Jungle called Nigeria pt2;Are we mad?(128)

One day bush meat go catch the hunter

The reality of the Nigerian situation is that the ordinary man on the street is fed up with governance at all levels, so will things change? Will the politics of the nation change? No it will get worse,who knows when things will eventually snap,the contraindications in the country just cannot continue.

Nigeria is a most interesting case study, we have defiled the laws of physics where we learnt that every elasticity has it’s limit but apparently the Nigerian elasticity is limitless,we have been docile because we have been so repeatedly battered by government after government that really the people have turned to God. But these things cannot go on forever, we have become totally disillusioned with every single national institution.

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The politicians have behaved absolutely disgracefully, as far as I am concerned, the politician is not somebody to reckon with. Look at what has happened to our judiciary,our legislators.

Mention any institution in our country that has provided succour to Nigerians,
So in a situation like this, can you imagine the total disorientation of the average Nigerian? It is a distressing situation and I hope that one day out of the ashes God will raise somebody with enough charisma to get us out of this doldrum,you just look right, left and there is nobody, no principle, NOTHING, sadly I foresee that savior will come from the military or someone we don’t even know now, who is sufficiently charismatic to lead a movement that will change the order. The country will be fundamentally restructured on every dimension, political, moral, governmental etc.

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The country has decayed in virtually every aspect of human endeavor. What we are asking for is a revolution and revolution don’t come quickly, but it will definitely come when the wheat will be separated from the chaff,human beings from the waste

Fundamental changes need to come into play to make the country survive. There is need for change of nuances, methodology and reasoning.

There is need for a struggle for restructuring, reconstitution and reformation of our nation called Nigeria so that it can attain its manifest destiny of a nation well endowed both in human and material resources, a country so organised, rebuild its judiciary, invest in the future of its children that will make us proud to be Nigerians
I am not APC or PDP but I desire the best for Nigeria

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-Salu Ayoola ph