ARE WE MAD? (100)- Salu Ayoola Are we mad (Willing Tools; The Dusk era) 106- Salu Ayoola

What do we want, Are we mad? (102) -Salu Ayoola

Woke up this morning downcast, had to pinch myself to see if I am alive and sane
Why am I a Nigerian? was the question that got me terrified. January has been so eventful. Obj dropped his bomb,issued raised by him were what we have been hailing and wailing about for about two years and could have been raised by any patriot
The whole social media exploded, why must it be from him? what moral justification does he have? etc. We left the content and attacked the bottle that definitely is on his way back to the owner
APC came out with proposals as regards restructuring alas 3rd World War started. I am really confused and I asked myself WHAT DO WE WANT?
We take delight in attacking messenger without analyzing issues. I am bold to say once again that even the best American president will fail in Nigeria and the worst Nigerian President will succeed in America
Naivety cuts across all social strata, we are a nation in dire need of psychoanalysis. The problem is not the leaders but the led, not the rulers but the ruled. I remember the days of IBB when we used to debate and analyze government policies coming out with a common front (SAP, IMF loan OIC etc)
Our case is not different from the story of the man and the horse as portrayed in pilgrim’s journey
Why has God punished us like this?
Need to go back to bed maybe when I wake up the situation might have changed
I am not APC or PDP but I desire the best for Nigeria
-salu ayoola ph