Our country being ruled by Araba by Salu Ayoola (Are we mad

Youth Frustration( Are we Mad?-117)- Salu Ayoola

Last week I met four youths and my interaction with them pricked my conscience

Abdul from the north came to me for menial job, I was attracted by his good English and carriage so we got talking.

I got to know that he has NCE computer/physics quite intelligent we discussed about physics -dynamics and electricity.I asked why he is doing menial jobs and he said no job.

I was also involved in settling a dispute between a young lady and her boss who runs a bar. The lady left the job for alleged sexual harassment and the man refused to pay her. We got talking and I discovered she had NCE computer/mathematics.

I pretended to be a part time student in the university and asked her to help me with statistics that is giving me problem,to my greatest surprise she  solved it perfectly and to tell you the truth I am well grounded in statistics and couldn’t have done better than her. She is from Abia state

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A young lady also met me trying to preach to me. I asked about her qualification- nothing,skill – nothing,employment -nothing. I asked about her future and I was shocked when she said she is believing that the G.O. of her church used to help people .she is from south south.

The last chap I met came with an apparatus insisting I check my BP and that he has cure for high BP. Curiously I asked to see the cure,he brought out a pack of food supplement.He is a stark illiterate from Osun state
These encounters got me thinking seriously. Are we not neglecting the youths?Are we not misleading them? Have we not failed as parents, government and nation in our responsibilities?

The pride of our nation are working as labourers and Waiters while unqualified teachers are handling our children. The ones that needs vocation have been brainwashed by religious organizations. Illiterates now dispense drugs. How did we get here?

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I am not APC or PDP but I desire the best for Nigeria.
-Salu Ayoola ph