Trans- Kalabari Highway: Iloye T D Braide wrote

When we talk about the amount it will cost, who did the costing. If the Government is affraid because of cost, the Government should put in a fixed deposit the monies coming from this area. This area alone not to talk about the others has the Cawthorne Channels and part of the Alakiri Oil fields. The Cawthorne Channels alone was producing about 120,000 barrels of oil a day at a time. It is now about 35,000 to 40,000 a day. Multiply that by $50.00 per barrel per day ($2,000,000.00 a day). Take 13% of that and multiply that by N310.00 to $1.00 (N80,600,000.00 a day) which is what the State Government is getting from the Federal Government as allocation on a monthly basis from just part of this place. This same place supplies NLNG part of its gas from its gas gathering station. This place has 5 trillion standard cubic feet of proven gas in place. What else do you need to open up this place that has direct link with the Atlantic ocean, the biggest tourist potential of the state, the best real estate potential in the state, the biggest river in the state, and the list goes on. The people should stand up and demand for this road. We have made a presentation to the Government since 2015 to construct a bridge between Eagle Cement and Ajuru University of Education across the Primrose Creek to the back of Ogwuruama (Old Bakana). Complete the road from Ogwuruama to Bakana. This should be the first stage. Then cross the bridge from Ogwuruama across the New Calabar River to Orukputa, then to Tombia and Bukuma (there is an already existing road graded between Tombia and Bukuma. Complete that road). This should be the second stage. Then cross a bridge across the Buguma Creek from Bukuma environs to Buguma as to join the existing road. Complete the road between Tema to Ifoko in collaboration with NDDC. Extend the road to Angulama and others and connect to Obonoma as to join the existing road to Abonnema and Degema. The last stage is to connect Degema with Soku and the communities all the way to Kula with the assistance of the Federal Government, NDDC, Ministry of Niger Delta, the IOCs, etc. It is doable and a serious Government should not think about the cost as the resources coming from this place is being used to develop other places.