Worgu Boms malicious outburst- A thesis on bitterness , envy and frustration


I am often intrigued by two verses of the holy Bible, which seem to contradict themselves.

Proverbs 26:4 says answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you also be like unto him. I would have been comfortable with that counsel but the very next verse said: Answer a fool according to his folly…..

As a bible student I had to meditate on those verses until I got insight: you could disregard anyone you consider unwise when first he misbehaves, however, continuous overlooking may encourage the person and so you should confront such a one. This is the basis on which I am responding to Mr. Worgu Boms.

Worried that Rivers people and indeed all men of good conscience are agreed on the viability of Riverine Governor in 2019, Mr. Boms was commissioned to attempt to distract the vision by attacking a champion of the just demand. Mr. Boms’ newspaper outburst can at best be described as rabbling of a man seeking relevance. Riverine Governorship is right proper and due and Rt. Hon. Amaechi’s support for it is in his usual elements of insisting on what is right. This struggle by an ungrateful former appointee to rubbish his boss and benefactor, must therefore be viewed as weak attempt to stop an idea whose time is NOW. Rivers people are not surprised, yes he is bitter with the one who graciously appointed him to high office, but should he stoop so low?

Worgu Boms claims:

That the Honourable Minister for Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chuibike Amaechi, CON is insincere, about his profession of power rotation as a basis for continuous harmonious existence in Rivers State is definitely a product of insensitivity, malice and frustration.

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Mr Boms, said nothing about his relationship the Minister, because he knows that if he did, the reading public would have understood his frustration. Yet, he laboured to paint a leader with a towering profile like Rt. Hon. Amaechi black.

Indeed, like a drowning man holding on to any straw in sight, he sought to drag Senator Andrew Uchendu, Dr. Dakuku Peterside and anyone he could.

Worgu Boms forgot to tell the world, that it was Rt. Hon. Amaechi’s political foresightedness that elevated Ikwerre politics. Historically, the Ikwerre play opposition politics, but the young Chibuike Amaechi saw today long before today. He encouraged his people to support others so that others would support them. He was visionary and open minded. He supported Chief Rufus Ada George (when it wasn’t fashionable). He supported Dr Peter Odili (when   many thought it was incorrect).

Mr. Boms knows like most Rivers people, that the Minister is an apostle of inclusiveness equity, fairness and mutual co-existence. Even when he recognizes ethnic and cultural differences, he did his best to spread development, appointments and opportunities. Worgu Boms was presumed to be competent and so was invited to serve the state by the man he now chose to hate.


What does Worgu Boms want? That the Transportation Minister should abandon the call for equity and justice? That Rt Hon  Amaechi should discourage the riverine people who  constitute more than one third of the state  yet have been excluded from the apex of governance for more than twenty years ? Or that he should betray his conscience?

Did the man who goes about complaining about his inability to meet his bills spend money maligning Rt. Hon. Amaechi on the pages of newspaper without an ulterior motive?

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Worgu Boms is a lawyer, he should come clean.



Mr. Boms wanted Rt. Hon. Amaechi to refuse governorship in 2007, and I ask him, how would that have helped the riverine? When the operators would simply have replaced him with another uplander as they ultimately did.

Why didn’t he inform us, that Nyesom EzebunoWike, who was then Chief of Staff, Government House had insisted on replacing Senator George Sekibo but the then Governor Amaechi firmly resisted him.

It escaped Worgu’s memory that Rt. Hon. Amaechi nominated a technocrat and entrepreneur, Arch. Tonye Cole (a riverine) for the ministerial slot, until politicians led by Mr Boms new paymaster blackmailed the Governor and lobbied the former President to replace him with Mr. Nyesom Wike.

For the benefit of those who read Boms’ narrative. It is on record that Rt. Hon. Amaechi built the most hospitals, schools, roads and scholarships in the riverine section as in the upland than anyone before or after him as Governor.

Rivers people and indeed all Nigerians know that the issue of political inclusion or lack of it, centers on elective offices of Chairmanship of LGAs, governorship or the presidency. To attempt to fault the Minister for accepting a ministerial appointment is self-seeking and cheap logic . The Minister for Transportation is responsible for  facilitating several federal appointments  for sons and daughters of Ijaw Riverine extraction .

The writer’s attempt at blackmailing the APC to use her appointments and electoral strategy to compliment PDP errors reveals the true working of his heart and those of his co-travellers.

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Assuming Mr. Boms sincerely, wishes Rivers state and especially riverine Ijaw  people well, he should be asking the Honourable Minister to be steadfast in his quest for justice  rather than try to rubbish a visionary leader.

I personally sympathize with him, because his outburst is clearly a confirmation that the just call of most Rivers people that power shifts to the riverine section in 2019 is receiving widespread acceptance by all ethnic groups and political blocs in the state. The foreseeable reality that his pet-project of keeping power within the upland section beyond 2019 is hitting the rocks right before their eyes.

The astuteness of Chibuike Amaechi as a political leader is not what desperate and selfish politicians can bear.


For the avoidance of doubt, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi is a detriablized leader who believes in carrying all sections along in governance. The very reason why Rivers people are happy with him. The Leader of APC in Rivers State is a consistent man of honor, truth and bravery. No amount of blackmail, insult or treachery by jealous and ungrateful souls would make him abandon his riverine brothers and his fight for justice and equity.

Riverine governorship in 2019 is not just fair but non-negotiable. Thank God, once again, the visionary leader of the APC in Rivers State is standing on the side of truth, justice and equity and a million such publications cannot change him.



Dason Nemieboka is the Convener of Rivers Conscience