the bitter king(the witcher 2 screenshot)

bitter king by Enigmaking

high and mighty behind fortified castle walls, there seated an arrogant king countenance as bitter as no one before even the face of death looks kinder, forgoing the love for others and self only to seat in distant agony patiently waiting for the cold hand of death…

kingdoms have laid desolate and people left for destitute and the brave made outlaws

Of many seeking his demise, death was once a challenger but he too was bested,

now all that remains of him are stenches of death & bitterness for all he touched was laid to waste

And his time is nigh, holed up in his castle he waits for his death,thinking of the face of his reaper

amidst all his thoughts there he sought his redemption at his eleventh hour for he hath no love,

but to no avail, death slowly enters the room like combatants stare at each other,

the king smirks and tells death you’re late and less scarier than i pictured

to be together but not to lay together… cause one cannot stay with the other.

one lives and the other dies- the bitter king