At Dawn By Ogbonna Nwuke

Dawn comes tumbling in
As the dark skies bow to grey light,
To be white, blue and bright.
At the fullness of morn

It comes, quiet, unpredictable
Cold as the unfriendly Harmattan,
Aluring as a water fountain,
Carrying rays of hope

Our heartbeat quicken,
Thankful that thou has given
Unto us a new sight to behold,
A new day of prayer to uphold

Our spirit being
Walks the vale of the living
Sustained by thy eternal breath
Which has power over death

Great Spirit, grace our path,
Void as in the beginning,
That there may be light
In our heart

For Your sake,
Light shall dwell in our life,
Among all that rever thy name,
Unto the end of time

Though our enemies
Sow seeds of great strife,
Shall we overcome ceaseless tries
To carve deep, divisive gullies of rife.

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Save us Oh Lord as we settle,
In our soul, in the month of the first,
When the first of man’s fruit
Must come to thee.

May Our pleas; our cries;
When ’tis verily time
Come unto thee, that our labour
May in thy sight, find bountiful favour

Turn the quest of the wicked
As we besiege thee into nothingness,
That the wicked may realise Lord,
That wickedness begats foolishness

Let they that wallow in chariots,
Or the power of their poisoned arrow,
Raised to the head of fellow compatriots,
Draw of a dry well that brings sorrow