Ghost steals baby at health centre in Rivers State

Ghost steals baby at health centre in Rivers State

The joy of a couple was cut short,  when a routine immunization exercise turned out to be the beginning of a journey into the world of the dead.

Sources told Africa Update, that the mother had allegedly taken her baby to the Churchill health centre, at the Old Port Harcourt Township axis of the State,  on Tuesday for routine immunization and had handed the baby to a nurse, to enable her urinate, oblivious that she was a ghost .

The mother had raised an alarm, when she could not find the nurse and her baby. Sympathizers had joined in the search but they were not found.

The search continued the next day and the management of the health centre had opted to display pictures of nurses who were off duty,  sick or dead and that was when she picked the picture of the nurse she had given her baby to.

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The mother was told that the nurse had died two months ago, but her persistence had led to a hunt for the nurse.

Relatives of the dead nurse had taken the search party to the mortuary where the baby was found dead on the belly of the nurse on Thursday.

The news of the discovery caused pandemonium at the health centre, where patients,  doctors and nurses ran for their lives.

Our sources said the health centre was shutdown on Friday, following this incident.