The Mystic Power of Mantras by Jungu Agarwal

The Mystic Power of Mantras by Jungu Agarwal

As Indians, mantras are an integral part of our lives. We chant mantras on various occasions since childhood. However, the sad part is that very few of us understand what do they mantras mean and more importantly how powerful they are. In this article, I will tell you more about the mantras and what magic they can do to your life.

What are mantras?

Let me start by telling you what are mantras. A mantra is defined as “a word or a sound repeated to aid concentration or meditation”. Each mantra is composed of certain syllables which have the capacity of influencing the human body both spiritually and physically. The syllables have a psychic effect on us which encompasses the person who chants them and the person who hears them. The word mantra can be broken down into two parts – ‘man’ which refers to the mind and ‘tra’ which refers to a transport or a vehicle. Hence, a mantra is a powerful vehicle for transporting the mind into a subconscious realm.

Benefits of mantras


Mantras affect our mental and physical planes and help us reach a subconscious level where our karmic patterns are stored. Regular chanting of mantra increases memory and purifies the heart. It also helps erase the effects of past karma. Proper recitation also helps invoke the latent power within us and bless us in every facet of our life. It also regulates the heart rate and enhances those brainwaves which help the body relax more.

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Mantras also have a positive effect on the immune functions of the body and lower blood pressure. It drowns the negative thought in your mind and makes room for positive thought. Mantras are now being widely used for physical and mental welfare. It also has an amazing effect on people who have phobias. They help the mind to divert during the times of fear.

How does the vibration of mantra work?

The chanting of mantra involves the left hemisphere. Hence, while doing so, our positive emotions are increased manifold. It is important to understand that mantra is nothing but energy. It is often compared with fire since it is a pure energy. Chanting mantras involves sitting down silently and concentrating. This removes small thoughts and the chatter n our brain and in turn, our concentration power increases.

Types of mantras

As you might know, there are innumerable types of mantras available for chanting. I have listed down a few and explained their significance for your knowledge.


Believed to be the most powerful mantra, Om is thought to be the first sound ever created in the universe. People often think that Om is a religious thing. However, it definitely is not. Om is basically a conglomeration of three sounds – A, U and M. when chanted continuously, AUM creates our vibrations in our body and as a result activates various organs of the body – stomach, spinal cord, throat, nose, and brain. If you feel the energy of the sound moving from your pelvis all the way up to your brain, you are chanting it right.

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Shanti Mantra

As the name suggests, this is a mantra for peace. With whatever is going on around the world, we do need more peace in life, don’t we?

Gayatri Mantra

This definitely is the oldest Sanskrit mantra, it is known for its power. Gayatri mantra has many forms, but all talk about the unity of creation. Regular chanting invokes the light of the sun and helps get relief from suffering.

While chanting mantras, proper communication is the key. Mispronunciation can change the meaning and nullify the effect altogether. Our everyday life is very stressful. We are so bogged down by the tension that we forget to draw happiness from the little things of life. The rhythmic sound of mantra chanting stirs the energy centers of the body. This movement, in turn, regulates chemicals in our brain and releases stress-relieving hormones and endorphins.

Spare 5 minutes from your daily life and chant any mantra of your choice. You will see a marked difference in your life within a few weeks itself. Mantras are the key to happiness. We need to believe in them more.

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Happy Chanting!