Yoga and its impacts on Brazilian jiu-jitsu players By: JUGNU AGARWAL

Yoga and its impacts on Brazilian jiu-jitsu players


Yoga is a century-old spiritual and ascetic discipline that has innumerable benefits for anyone who practises it.

It involves the systematic and conscious movement of various internal and external parts
of your body for good benefits on health. Yoga has excellent benefits for both your mental and
physical well-being. It is not an exercise regimen – it is a way of life, a passion, a philosophy.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has a host of benefits for the body and mind:

  • Better flexibility
  • Systematic breathing
  • Better balance
  • Efficient use of energy
  • Releases stress
  • Relieves anxiety

And much more!

Yoga and jiu-jitsu

Yoga is quickly becoming one of the most popular holistic approaches being recognized by sports
enthusiasts all over the world. It is very beneficial for Brazilian jiu-jitsu players.
Brazilian jiu-jitsu involves a lot of techniques which requires great stamina. And this is where the
efficient breathing techniques learned through yoga can prove to be an excellent help.

Benefits of yoga for jiu-jitsu players

Jiu-jitsu being a combat sport involves the usage of the muscles of various parts of your body. Yoga
stretches various muscles and regular practice builds your strength and endurance. As mentioned
above, one of the main benefits of yoga is increased flexibility, and if you are a jiu-jitsu player, you
know how important flexibility is.

Jiu-jitsu is hard on the body. After a round of the game, you will feel sore and tightness in your
muscles. Yoga contains restorative properties which help in regeneration and recovery after any
physical sport like jiu-jitsu.

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Oxygen is life. Breathing properly helps to calm your nervous system, increase your energy,
strengthen immunity and improve the functioning of your internal organs. Breathing is extremely
important in jiu-jitsu too – it helps control your body, mind, emotions which will help you perform
better in the game.

Yoga includes a lot of breathing. While practising the asanas, you will be required to inhale and exhale in a certain way and at a certain interval. Yoga incorporates a variety of breathing asanas such as Pranayama which will teach you to breath better. You will see a world of difference to
your jiu-jitsu routine by improving your breathing technique.

Yoga asanas ideal for jiu-jitsu

Now let us discuss the postures that will be useful.

Cats and Cow

This asana works on your spine and helps release tension in the muscles. It is a posture to wake and
stretch your spine. Not just the body, this asana is great for the mind too. It is a breath-synchronized
movement which increases coordination and internal focus. Practising it before a Brazilian Jujutsu
session will really help you.

Standing Asanas

Standing yoga postures such as Trikonasana, Parivritta Trikonasana and Parsvathanasana have several
benefits. Let us explain the benefits of these one by one. Trikonasana imparts strength. It opens up
your chest, spine, shoulders, hips, groins, hamstrings and calves which will be of immense help, not
just for the game, but otherwise too. Parivritta Trikonasana will improve your balance, a factor
essential to master Brazilian Jujutsu. Parsvathanasana is a therapeutic asana which relaxes your mind
and body and heals muscle soreness. It has good effects on your breathing capacity and opens up
your shoulders.

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Butterfly Pose

When you feel the tightness in your muscles after the game, you have to try the butterfly pose. This
helps to open your hip joints and relaxing the hip muscles. It will relax you and help you release the
tiredness. It is great to practice before and after the game.
Upavisthaa Konasana
Another stretching posture loved by people. This posture strengthens your back, helps you control
your breath and calms your mind. You will feel relaxed and composed and will be able to concentrate
on your tasks better.


This asana is great to stretch your hips and can be practised before and after the game. After
practising jiu-jitsu, you will feel soreness in the hips. Malasana will release the tightness of your hips,
improves your spine health and reduces back pain.

Upward Dog

An upward dog is an asana which stretches your entire body. It improves posture, firms your hip,
strengthens your back and stretches the chest, shoulder and abdomen. You will feel the stretch all
over your body which will relax and calm you.
Yoga can be a game changer for jiu-jitsu and you will really feel the difference when you start
practising it. There are so many benefits involved. You got to give it a try.

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