The Other Side of Motherhood Many Women Don’t Want to Discuss

The Other Side of Motherhood Many Women Don’t Want to Discuss

Motherhood has it’s highs and lows, we like to talk about all the beautiful moments but rarely talk about the many struggles that also come with it. A young mental health practitioner, @shomcita, is talking about it and the response from some mothers who tweeted about their experience is touching. The sacrifices for their children, their struggles and also trying to balance their lives, is no walk in the park.

She tweeted,

Children are a burden (I don’t mean this in a bad way, it is what it is). They often slow down careers, are very costly and are very time consuming. It’s sad that some are carelessly brought into the world by people unwilling to make those sacrifices.

I’m not saying parenting is a bad experience, I’m saying it requires a shift in lifestyle and a lot of time + resources. Buying a house is a burden too =/= bad.

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Without a kid you typically have to mainly worry about yourself. With a child, you have to factor them into every decision you make. You have another load to carry, you can’t be as impulsive and frivolous, you shift your way of living to accommodate them.

Just a reminder to those that give up opportunities: a delay doesn’t always = cancellation. You can still do what you want to do with a child. You may just have to wait a bit

Love and light to all those doing what they can for their kids

Again, I’m not trying to say that having a child is a bad thing. But the reality of the matter is that raising a child is a heavy load. Yes you love them and you (hopefully) don’t regret it, you can (and should) even enjoy it. That shouldn’t dampen the efforts and sacrifices made

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