A cry for help for little Blessing Charles

Frantic effort is on to save the life of little Blessing Charles, who is now at the brink of death, following fire that razed her residence on December 25, 2018.
Africa Update gathered that fuel from a tanker made its way to the drainage close to her home to cause havoc.
Excerpts from a message shared on the Facebook timeline of a humanitarian and activist, Eugene Abels, say it all:

Save her …

Name: Blessing Charles. Age : 11. Sex: Female. Date of incident: 2:40am Dec 25th, 2018. Nature of Injury. Fire burns.

Cause of Injury:
Fuel tanker filled with Petrol fell at Rumola junction close to the PHED office and spilt its contents into the drains.

The Petrol flowed through the drainsl to the residence of Blessing.Her residence and other houses were burnt down.

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Six (6) of them in her house were burnt, three (3) died, her aunty and her two (2) children are in BMH mortuary while three (3) of them are in the burns units in UPTH undergoing treatment but hers is the worse of all.

Blessing is at the Burns unit of University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) and needs financial help as her family cannot even pay the initial deposit .

You can help by going to UPTH and pay for her expense or contact her relative .

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Dabotubo S Eferebo
Zenith Bank

Relative to contact:
Miss Blessing Needham (Aunty).
Phone No:0813 452 5040. Address: 28 Nissi Drive by Mopol 19 Rumuokalagbor. Village.