Prostitute disgraces customer in Akure hotel after he refuses to pay her [watch video]

Prostitute disgraces customer in Akure hotel after he refuses to pay her [watch video]

The lady who felt cheated after being, ‘overused and rough handled’ caused a stir at an Akure hotel.

In the early hours of Tuesday, October 2, 2018, a man got what he deserved after being shamed by an unnamed Prostitute he engaged for an ‘all-night’ romp, then refused to pay her the N10,000 they agreed on. What he got was a disgrace.

According to a now-viral video on Instablog9ja across the internet, the lady claimed he attempted to give her N3,000 — a N7,000 difference from what they agreed. This was after the lady complained about his ‘rough-treatment that he couldn’t give to his wife’ but gave to her.

The video was captured by supposed onlookers, whom the prostitute complained to as the prostitute-lady on the popular ‘Anita Baker’ cut, yellow top, and blue jeans, spoke in an Oyo-themed Yoruba language. The video also depicts how she had been locked out of the room where the overnight romp happened, by her customer.

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Apparently, she made this scene because she needed to get back into that room to collect her N7,000 balance. The English translation of what she said is, “Our agreement is N10k. I will collect my full money without sparing a dime. My vagina is aching now.”

She continues, “I can’t walk properly. Can you rough-handle me in bed like that, if I was your wife? Do you want to be unfortunate or suffer in life? Open this door. Don’t allow me to “spoil” your face. My vagina is “peppering” me.

It seems the man forgot the cardinal rule of a contract. Serves him right.