Ogbonna Nwuke says Tonye Cole’s critics are those with failed political permutations

A former member of the House of Representatives and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke, says “I believe that what we have heard and continue to hear are voices of persons in our midst who are simply overtaken by an outpouring of uncontrollable emotion”

Nwuke, made the observation, sequel to comments trailing the emergence of Tonye Cole, as an aspirant in the governorship race of Rivers State on the platform of APC.

Describing the negative comments against the personality of Cole as a failed attempt by certain individuals to assert themselves perpetually in the political space, Nwuke said,  “They are persons whose dream to climb the political ladder on the back of their preffered candidates/aspirants appear to have taken a hit.
“This is what happens if one becomes too attached. Against this backdrop, it is not difficult to appreciate the outbursts that are trailing the emergence of TDC.
“Any one that CRA picked outside TDC would have suffered a similar fate via criticism that would have come from any section of the party that would still have been dissatisfied.
“I am more certain that REALISM is more likely to take control sooner than later as we all get used to the idea of the hard choices that we have had to deal with as a party. It doesn’t matter whether we participated directly in the process or not.
“As a party man, I understand that a decision has been taken. I agree completely with the notion that TDC is the most centrist of all the candidates that have popped up.
“As politicians, we cannot work for candidates that have shared everything to members of groups that they lead. What then should the rest of us who do not belong to their inner of inners do? We should work so they would enjoy exclusively from our sweat to our exclusion ? Nothing can be so selfish.
“What would be wrong in working with a candidate who would take a little from anywhere to form a broad based structure in which all would have a sense of belonging? What could be wrong with that?
“As party men, let’s run with what we have. There is no such thing as a strong politician. A politician is as strong as we collectively make him. “We need to stop those imputations which suggest others are not politicians. Nobody was born one and none was born without the tendency to politick,” he stated.