Son rapes 70 year old mother

A 40-year-old alcoholic man has been arrested for repeatedly raping his 70-year-old mother.The Asian Age reports that the mother approached the Chhattisgarh police, in central India, alleging that her son had repeatedly subjected her to rape and sexual abuse. The report alleged that the man had habitually abused his mother physically, but last month, under the influence of alcohol, had sexually violated her. The mother, while giving an account of what happened to the police, said she told him she was his mother and that she was the one who gave birth to him.She said, “He did wrong with me. I told him you are my son, I gave birth to you. Don’t do this to me. But he didn’t hear a word. He will pay for this. God will not spare him.”However, a police superintendent, Jyoti Singh, reportedly said, “It’s a heinous act. How can a man become so savage and go for such a brutal act.”

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