Veteran broadcaster battles with kidney disease

The host of music talk show ‘The Gist’ on HipTV and Veteran broadcaster Emma Ugolee, who has been living with kidney disease.for the past four years has revealed how the death of late music maker, OJB Jezreel affected him.
According to him, on hearing that OJB has passed on, his friends concern for his health grew and it gave rise to many of them putting calls through to make sure he was okay.
“Too many phone calls yesterday with everyone just checking to see how I was doing”, he wrote on his Facebook page, day after news of OJB’s death broke.
“It all made sense when news filtered in that OJB had just died from a disease I have battled with for over four years. The general concern being the psychologic impact of being reminded of the likelihood of one’s demise, thanks to the unpredictable and deadly nature of living without a functional kidney” he wrote solemnly
The acclaimed ‘king of talk shows advised that“ The fact that a pattern surrounds you does not mean your future has been moulded by it. Now it was time to return the calls and assure every single one that the unfortunate event is no reason to lose faith. It’s no proof that I must toe a similar line. That I am not holier than any whose journeys have ended and thus wise enough to understand that logic does not explain the sustaining power of grace”.