“90% of things you see in followership is eye service” ~ David Okumgba

The South South Zonal Secretary of the All Progressives Congress, APC, David Okumgba, says it is improper for politicians to place a lot of expectations on their leaders vis-à-vis perceived loyalty exhibited.
Okumgba said, in as much as there is a reward system in APC, the trend where followers commit to their leaders with the intention to receive immediate gratification is a very unhealthy and wrong trend.
Speaking to the leadership of the Progressive Change Ambassadors, PCA, at the Zonal Secretariat in Rivers State, he stressed that it is only God who rewards individuals for their deeds.
” You might have a man and call him your leader, but there is so much of eye service in followership and 90% of things you see in followership is eye service, ” he said.
Okumgba observed that most politicians place a lot of expectations on their leaders instead of working diligently and trusting God to reward their service.
“It is God that will see your heart and place you in the heart of a king and the king will remember you. It is not about what the king sees. The king can continue to plan to do something for you. It will start and end at the planning stage. But while you are working don’t time your leader and don’t time God. When you time your leader and you time God, you miss it,” he reiterated.
Further stressing that the time has come for politicians to make their investments go deeper by going back to their various wards and units to increase the number of APC members.
On his part, the President of PCA, Ikechi Akpuh, congratulated Okumgba for his victory and subsequent emergence as the South South APC zonal secretary.
He commended him for identifying with the ideals of the group, which has resulted in its remarkable growth over the years.
He urged Okumgba to ensure that the leadership of the party identify and work with groups that have impeccable track record of success.

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