Amaechi breaks the ice on Buhari's government

Amaechi breaks the ice on Buhari’s government

The Director-General of Buhari Campaign Organisation and Minister for Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, has finally broken the ice on what the Federal Government led by President Muhammadu Buhari has been focused on since its inauguration.

Speaking at the Presidential campaign flag-off in Uyo, on December 28, Amaechi said the party has fulfilled its promise to improve the economy, ensure security and fight corruption.

His words ; “I’ve been silent for a very long time and the reason you have not heard from me is that you don’t talk while you’re busy; we have been extremely busy in the past four years.

“About this time four years ago, we were running round, begging Nigerians to change the leadership of the country. We promised just three things; to improve on the economy, to enhance security and we promised to fight corruption.

“These are just the three things we promised. Anybody that says we promised N1 will be $1 must be a magician. Anybody who says we promised that fuel price will fall or we will bring down the fuel price must also be a magician. We are not voodoo economist.

“It was very clear what was wrong; we got in, and saw the challenges, we never knew they had stolen all the money. We thought they had conscience to leave some money behind. And when we got in, we were mindful of the promises we made. So the president gave all of us in his cabinet challenges to ensure that we rescue this country.

“Nigerians would agree that before we came to power, as governor of Rivers state, I could not sleep in Kano. I was asked to leave back to Abuja. Nigerians would agree that Kano was attacked, Abuja was attacked, since we got to government to now, any attack from Boko Haram has always been in Borno and not outside Borno. So have we made any improvement in security? The answer is yes.”

Amaechi said that the party had created employment for Nigerians, adding that even the opposition had testified to the fact that President Buhari is fighting corruption and is not corrupt.