Here's what APC Gubernatorial candidate Tonye Cole says will happen in 2019 Cole says Wike's decision is unhealthy for Rivers State

Here’s what APC Gubernatorial candidate Tonye Cole says will happen in 2019

The need for Rivers citizens to make informed and right decisions in 2019, being a transitory year was the crux of a new year message from the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Tonye Cole.
He said despite unpleasant circumstances that  plagued the previous year as a result of inhumane policies of the Nyesom Wike led state government, which led to agony and pain in the state, Rivers people are presented with an opportunity in 2019 to undo those  mistakes.
Cole, while commiserating with victims of bad government policies urged citizens to identify with APC in the state, following achievements recorded by the Federal government in all sectors.
This he said, is the only guarantee for a better future for all and sundry after years of gross violation of citizens’ rights and trust by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP led state government.
Excerpts of Cole’s message below:
Message by Pastor Tonye Cole, Gubernatorial Candidate of the APC, Rivers State on the occasion of the New Year celebration. 
The arrival of 2019 is the reason why people in different parts of the world are celebrating. At midnight, as December 31st took its last lap, Rivers people joined their counterparts across the country to welcome the New Year with a lot of excitement and hope.
As the world marks the New Year, we congratulate the good people of  Rivers State and other Nigerians who reside in our midst that have made it to the New Year.
It was not easy for those who are alive to get here. There were many who fell by the way as this New Year arrived. They would have loved to be here.
Some were betrayed by the quality of our medicare system as they struggled to hang unto life in a State that is so blessed. Our hospitals, ill-equipped to deal with life-saving challenges, could not cope.
Some of our pensioners who had toiled as civil servants passed away within the period because they could not afford for themselves and their beloved families. Their only source of livelihood – pensions and gratuities –  were not released as and when due by a system that has not sufficiently demonstrated that it has the milk of human kindless.
There were equally others who gave up as they watched painfully as their children – their hope for the future – who were beneficiaries of scholarship schemes that were designed to help the poor and improve the quality of manpower were weeded out of school.
Fellow Rivers people, while we shall miss these compatriots forever, their memories will live in our hearts, to be remembered as we mark the New Year.
Yet, the enormity of the challenges that we faced in the last year should embolden us as a people to make right choices in the new year as we draw up a list of resolutions.
2019 promises to be a year of great expectations; a year when by the grace of God, foundations for the structural transformation of our dear State will be firmly laid.
As one of you, I am acutely aware of the choices we must make; the hard decisions that we must take; and the work we must do to reverse the drift in the interest of our people.
We are sufficiently motivated, through our understanding of the problems facing our people. By the grace of the Almighty, we shall confront them. The  blueprint, which we are bringing to the table, would put the Rivers State on the road to prosperity and bring joy back to our people.
Our State in 2019 must be placed on a path of growth and total economic recovery. To do so, we must resolve to take our destiny in our hands. To get to the next level, we must create the appropriate environment for the flourish of commerce and industry as well as investments. To ensure the redistribution of wealth, our people would have to work with  the All Progressives Congress, APC.
Never again shall we mortgage the future of our State by placing its destiny in the hands of those who seek to provide peanuts in exchange for great deeds.
As we celebrate the birth of the New Year, we urge Rivers people to arise. It is time to gird our loins and time to deal with a reactionary and oppressive system.
It is also time to dream great dreams; and time to ensure that those dreams are realised for the benefit of our tomorrow.
We remember with a feeling of great nostalgia that there was an era in this State when the elderly and infirm, pregnant women and children, were beneficiaries of free medicare.
We remember how Rivers State a few years ago dreamt of an agricultural revolution even before Nigeria did.
We can do it again with your support. With your support we can guarantee  neighbourhoods that are secure and assessible, and gusrantee new jobs for our youths
In the New Year, fellow Rivers people, we must think outside the box. It is only by so doing that we shall end the spiral of unemployment and underdevelopment. And take our State back from those who are busy strangulating it.
Once again, we congratulate our people on the occasion of the ongoing new year celebrations.
As the flag bearer of  the APC in Rivers State, I urge you to come on board with us. May the New Year bring you good tidings.
Pastor Tonye Cole,
APC Gubernatorial Candidate,
Rivers State