APC DELGA organizes workshop for ward leaders

Ogoni APC is behind Amaechi- Stakeholders

Major stakeholders of the All Progressives Congress (APC), have expressed concern over the  unwholesome activities of groups unknown to the APC in Ogoni and Rivers State, especially as they utilize the name and insignia of the party to cause mischief and hoodwink unsuspecting Ogoni people.

These groups according to them allegedly  serve the self serving aspiration(s) of their sponsors and protagonists,

Excerpts of their resolution:



At a meeting held in LEMACO Hall at number 24/26 Ada George Road in PHC, national, state, LGA and ward executives, appointees and major stakeholders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from the four (4) Ogoni-speaking LGAs of Rivers  State resolved as follows:

1. Affirm our unquestioning loyalty  to the Party at the state & national levels, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi’s leadership in Rivers State & the south-south geopolitical zone& President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR. We are resolutely committed to-, & totally supportive of the current APC rebuilding/repositioning efforts by the state party & Rt Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi in Rivers State.

2. We are thankful to President Muhammadu Buhari , Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi & the party for the many appointments made to party men from Ogoni, and major ongoing projects in Ogoniland. Worthy of mention is the naming of Derek Mene to the position of Exec. Director (Finance/Admin.) in NDDC & H.E Oji Ngofa’s posting as Nigeria’s Ambassador to the Netherlands. Some notable ongoing projects in Ogoniland include the commencement of the previously stalled Ogoni Environmental Restoration and the commencement of the Bodo-Bonny Road project.

3. We view  with concern the unwholesome activities of groups unknown to the APC in Ogoni & Rivers State, especially as they utilize the name and insignia of the party to cause mischief and hoodwink unsuspecting Ogoni people. These groups which only serve the self serving aspiration(s) of their sponsors & protagonists,  have the tendency to cause disunity in the APC in Rivers State and pose a grave threat to public peace.

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4. We advise the generality of Ogoni APC party faithful to be mindful of events fronted by these groups and their sponsors under the guise of the APC in Ogoniland. These events should  shunned, with the boycott commencing from the event called by one of such groups & their sponsors planned for the police field in Bori today.

5. We urge the party at the state and national levels to take immediate steps to stop the activities these groups and their sponsors, so as to assert party discipline. This is imperative as INEC has not lifted the lid on commencement of political campaigns in Rivers State.

6. Finally, we urge the party to continue to step-up activities aimed at empowering the teeming party men and women in Ogoni, which remains a bastion of strength for the APC in Rivers State.


1. Chief. Hon. Victor Tombari Giadom

Deputy National Secretary, Former Rivers State Commissioner for Works and Former Gokana LGA Executive Chairman

2. Mr. George Feyii

Former Secretary of Rivers State Government and Commissioner of Finance Rivers State

3. Hon. Emmanuel Deeyah

Former Member, House of Representatives, Former Deputy Speaker Rivers State House of Assembly and Commissioner Rivers State

4. Hon. Fred Igwe

Former Member, House of Representatives and Former Commissioner For Sports

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5. Hon. Dr. Befii Nwile

Former Deputy Speaker, Rivers State House of Assembly

6. Hon. Leyii Kwanee

Former Deputy Speaker, Rivers State House Of Assembly

7. Hon. Joe Poroma

Former Commissioner For Social Welfare and Rehabilitation, Rivers State

8. Hon. Dr. Innocent B. Barikor

Member, Rivers State House of Assembly, Gokana Constituency

9. Evang. Madam Caroline Nagbo

State Woman Leader, Rivers State APC

10. Dr. Batam Ndegwe

Secretary, APC Rivers South East Senatorial District

11. Comr. Akpobari Celestine

Executive Chairman, Khana LGA

12. Hon. Deaconess Felicia Tanee JP.

Executive Chairman, Tai LGA and Former Member, Rivers State House Of Assembly

13. Hon. Donatus Badom

Executive Chairman, Gokana LGA

14. Hon. Demua Ledee Demua

Former Executive Chairman, Gokana LGA

15. Chief, Hon. Alabi Korsi

Former Chairman, Khana LGA

16. Chief, Hon. Jude Beredam

Former Chairman, Tai/Eleme LGA and Chairman, Tai Elders Council

17. Hon. John Nna

Former Member, Rivers State House Of Assembly and Board Member FMC Yenegoa

18. Sir, S.B Nnate

Party Chieftain, Gokana LGA

19. Sir, Fotune Iguruta

APC Chieftain, Eleme LGA and Former Permanent Secretary, Rivers State Government House

20. Chief, Hon. Eric Nwibani

Party Chairman, APC Khana LGA_

21. Hon. Bere Nkporbu

Party Chairman, APC Tai LGA

22. Hon. Neemene Biragbara

Party Vice Chairman, APC Gokana LGA

23. Hon. Tony Biragbara

Party Secretary, APC Gokana LGA

24. Hon. Legbo Kuku

Former Commissioner Rivers State

25. Hon. Gordon Tornwe

Former CTC Chairmen, Khana LGA

26. Hon. Sylvester Vidin

Former CTC Chairmen, Gokana LGA

27. Hon. Hycinth Nwiyee

Former CTC Chairmen, Khana LGA_

28. Hon. Anthony Vite

Former CTC Chairmen, Gokana LGA

29. Comr. Marvin Yobana

Former African Representative, World Assembly of and Party Chieftain

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30. Mrs Kate Sam Ngbor

National Delegate Elect and Former Board Member

31. Hon. Sunny Keke

Party Chieftain Eleme

32. Hon. Osaroeppie Mube

Party Chieftain Eleme

33. Hon. Elder Nube Obani-Nwibari

Former Council Secretary, Tai/Eleme LGA

34. Hon. Kote Brown

Youth Leader and National Delegate Elect, Gokana LGA

35. Hon. Oyor Frederick

Party Chieftain Eleme

36. Hon. Kendu Eli-Aminikpo

Party Chieftain Tai

37. Hon. Kabine Kariko

Party Chieftain Tai

38. Barr. Emmanuel Kirikiri

Party Chieftain Tai

39. Dr. Barry Nwibere

Party Chieftain Khana

40. Hon. Uzor Abueh

Elected Vice Chairman, Khana LGA

41. Hon. Tuanu Ibor

Party Chieftain Khana

42. Barr. Dornu Nwinang

Party Chieftain Khana

43. Hon. Barida Samuel

Party Chieftain Khana

44. Hon. Barivule Dugbor

Former Councillor, Gokana LGA

45. Hon. John Kpalap

Former Councillor Gokana LGA

46. Hon. Carlos Kakue

Former Councillor Gokana LGA

47. Hon. Suagelo Badey

Party Chieftain Gokana

48. Hon. Osarobe Sunday

Party Chieftain Eleme

49. Hon. Davies Salons

Party Chieftain Eleme

50. Hon. George Ngalale

Party Chieftain Eleme

51. Hon. Precious  Osaroekpe

Party Chieftain Eleme

52. Hon. Ajiwa Abbey Loo

Party Chieftain Eleme

53. Hon. Igwe Dick

Party Chieftain Eleme

54. Augusta Ejiemere

Party Chieftain Eleme

55. Patience Saloka

Party Chieftain Eleme

56. Joi Y. Nunieh

Former National Coordinator, HYPREP and Foremost Ogoni Activist

57. Barile Ebenezer

LGA Party Secretary. Khana

58. Dr. Micah L. Christian

Party Chieftain Khana

59. Gbarator Baridakara

Party Vice Chairman, Khana

60. Kpai Pius

Party Chieftain Gokana_

61. Kabee Kpaa

Party Chieftain Gokana

62. Hon. Gokana Kan-Abolo

Former Supervisor Councillor, Gokana LGA