Wike threatens suicide in 2019, if …

“In 2019, they will not succeed. All of us should be ready to fight. Nobody should be afraid of the Police or Army, because liberty comes with a price. They have nothing to campaign with outside the use of security. I am ready to place myself on the line, nobody will take Rivers State.“

This is Nyesom Wike speaking at the Thanksgiving Service in honour of the recently ousted whistle blowing Senator Thompson Sekibo.

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who spoke on conditions of anonymity said, ‘ First, I am not surprised that Nyesom Wike is saying this as a politician, others have said worse but when the chips were down, they turned around to eat their words. People said over their dead body would Buhari be president, some said they would pack from Nigeria, while others said they would eat their shoes. Suffice to say none of them kept their promises even as Buhari continues to be their president till date. What this should teach everyone is that as far as power is concerned, nobody can play God, because only God gives power and only Him alone knows tomorrow. To say you would die if you don’t get power is the most foolish comment any politician can make.

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‘Secondly, I’m not surprised that the accidental governor decided to go to the house of God to mock his Maker in this manner. Whenever he wants to say rubbish, he would rush to the House of God to do so.  When he confessed to bribing judges through Mrs Mary Odili, it was in the House of God he said it. When he lied that Ikoyi money belongs to Rivers people, it was in the same House of God he said it. When he lied that he wants to revoke Novotel license, something we all know he has no legal ground or political weight to do, your guess is as good as mine as to where he said it. I honestly don’t blame Wike because we all know he’s not a Christian, but I blame those so called men of God who offer him their churches to say nonsense just for a piece of porridge.

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‘Even as a pagan who does not fear God, what example is Mr. Nyesom Wike setting for younger people by saying he would die than watch another political party win election? Is this how a Governor should talk? Should a governor incite citizens against the state and encourage them against law and order? Well, he should go and dig his grave already because God will not punish us for another four years with a character like him in charge of our state affairs. I believe the people of Rivers State will do whatever it takes to make it abundantly clear to him even months before the election that his time is up. If death is the only option left for him after he leaves office in 2019, then he will die alone, no sensible Rivers person will die with him.’

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