Sad! Talented Nigerian footballer dies from Insect bite in U.K

A talented young footballer and right-midfielder Josh Ayuba, 18 –year-Old,  is dead.

According to sources, he died about 7p.m on  Sunday , two weeks after receiving a bite from a mysterious bug.

Josh, of Portslade, near Brighton, had developed ear ache which led to hallucinations and seizure. He had missed football training as a result of this.

His worried family and his football team manager, Mark Hilfiker, urged him to see his doctor because he was becoming distressed”. He had visited  his GP where he was given medicine, but after not being able to eat and sleep properly for five days, he returned to the clinic where another doctor immediately sent him to the A and E department at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton.

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It was discovered that an unknown bacteria had formed and reached his brain, which started causing him to hallucinate and suffer numerous seizures.

Last Tuesday, he was put in the intensive care unit, and from then onwards he could not even recognise his own family, to their despair.

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Samuel Edward

Editor at Africa Update