Apple plans to release three new iphone models in 2019

Apple plans to release three new iphone models in 2019

Apple plans to unveil three new iPhone models this year, including a successor to the XR, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The tech giant’s new phones will include new camera features, the Journal reported, citing people familiar with the situation. The higher-end model will be fitted with a triple rear camera, while the lower-end models will have a double rear camera, the report said.

One will feature a liquid-crystal display, the display that Apple’s lower-end iPhone XR model comes with. The XR has reportedlystruggled to win over Chinese consumers. Apple recently lowered its revenue guidance for the first quarter, alarming investors, and cited lower-than-expected iPhone revenue “primarily in Greater China” as one of the main reasons behind its warning.

According to the Journal, Apple is considering sticking with phones that contain organic light-emitting diode displays from 2020, and dropping LCD displays altogether. OLED screens make images appear brighter and sharper than LCD panels.

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You can read the full WSJ report here.