See list of phones WhatsApp will not support in 2018

WhatsApp has revealed it will end support and stop working on S40 nokia phone, all  Blackberry OS phones including ‘BlackBerry 10’ devices. Also affected is all Windows Phone 8.0 and older platforms from December 31, 2017.

According to the statement from WhatsApp, users on these outdated platforms will not be able to create new accounts, nor re-verify existing accounts once the company ends support.

If you are following the trend, you will know that this is not the first time this warning is being issued. In fact, in 2016, the Facebook-owned IM platform threatened to stop support on some blackberry phones but it was later extended.

Even if your phone is among the devices that will be disabled for using WhatsApp, you can still continue using the app on your phone, BUT you shouldn’t expect any future security updates or new features.

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It’s a kind of relief for those using windows 8.1 and newer versions as they won’t be affected but those still using windows end will no longer have support from whatsapp once we enter the year 2018 It’s a pity. While Windows 8 will be axed down once 2018 begins.

In BlackBerry’s case, the company has itself confirmed it will no longer be manufacturing or launching new smartphones, and the BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry OS have been abandoned.

WhatsApp had extended support for both platforms in June this year. At the time, WhatsApp had also revealed that the app will stop working for phones running Nokia S40 will be stopped from December 31, 2018. The app will stop working on phones running Android 2.3.7 and older (Gingerbread) will be stopped from February 1, 2020. The messaging app became unavailable on Nokia phones running Symbian S60, from June 30, 2017.

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