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Between Abaribe and PMB, who needs the Correctional Centre?

By Nna Frank Jack.

The  huge deceit about conquering Boko Haram; the obvious out-of- tune with governance; the fraud in the electoral system; the capture and humiliation of the judiciary; the servility of members of Parliament in Abuja; the failure of the economy;  the insecurity- imagine the killings in the North Central by the Fulani herdsmen and the cover up through passive defense  by the presidency each time.

Do we still talk of  the spurious propaganda from the corridor of power, showering praises on an obvious failed leadership? So, who deserves the Correctional Centre, which is a function of working to stabilize the “medulla”? Each time there is an ‘indoor game’,

Garba will be appointed to speak…. But whenever the plot is ‘outdoor’ Mr Adesina talks. We read their lips in all cases!!

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