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Life gives and also takes, depends on how you view what you receive and what you lose.

It becomes evident as we grow older that we develop unnecessary fears apparently we forget what or how we were.

Sometimes when you think about everything, you just realize how empty it all is, but at the same time how meaningful everything is.

Sex, Drugs, Money, Power, Knowledge all these things are what me fight each other for but how painful it is to realize that contentment and moderation is more superior to them all.

I wonder if we’re all slave to our dreams; what if we didn’t hope for a better life than what we already live, would we be happier?

My outmost desire in this life is to have knowledge about everything, to come to grasp the truth, to figure out the reason for living.

Our ecosystem dies as we advance, our foods become unhealthier and the air is toxic; polluted, so is the water and not to talk about a drastic leap in population size and the impeding rise in poverty & crime.

For what? We all look for a reality where we are either living a fantasy, a dream. But as Noble as dreams are people still have bad dreams.

Solitude, peace and quietness I treasure these things because I get lost in my own being, but occasionally I seek communion with my fellow-men, but to that I rarely see any living most are just showing their first dimension lives; pretense, lies, faking and all manner of things that aren’t even worth it; accepting popular opinion as realities.

But at the same time one can learn from people’s ignorance of things.

I’ve decided that when it’s time to go home I don’t want to look back regretting my life and the decisions that lead to my final moments, so I’d rather make mistakes, laugh about them & learn from them than live a regime that leaves me dead while I live.

I’ve stumbled unto several truths some I can’t discuss with rigid minded people which would inadvertently lead to denial, refute or an identity issue.

What if I was to tell you that most of the things you’ve squabbled over actually belongs to you all you need is the right effort, mindset and courage and that your attention is being drawn away from things that really matters and being fed with things of little import?

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