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Bishop Oyedepo says strange things will happen in 2018

Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners’ Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo, in his New Year message entitled, “Heralding the New Dawn of the Church” said there shall be waves of strange handing over across the nations of the earth.

He urged Christians to be serious with God as “Strange things will be the order of the day in year 2018.

“There shall be massive wealth transfer.

“Double restoration of all that we have lost.

“Instant release from all spells and generational curses.”

“Instant judgement for all adversaries.”

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One Comment

  1. To what extent are the private jets of Pentecostal mega churches being used to facilitate illegal arms purchases as part of under-handed terrorist efforts to destabilise President Buhari’s government? Whatever happened to the large cash find on one such private jet recently? Who really is funding the conflicts, hiring renegades and blaming killings on whoever they think so a civil war can ensue? What has happened to Nigeria’s law enforcement – is it so corrupt and incompetent that it cannot investigate the obvious? It appears that pastors, especially the big ones, are all above the law.

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